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2007 Year of the Pig

Get the Balance Right

'Get the Balance Right' was installed on East 40th Street between Saint Claire Avenue and Superior Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio during the summer of 2007 as part of the St Claire / Superior Development 'Year of the Pig' installation.

Pig design by: Viktor Schreckengost

I would personally like to thank Sampson/Carnegie for sponsoring the pig.

Left Profile View

My goal with this design is to illustrate the never-ending struggle for balance between work and life. The design of the pig conveys the age-old question, “do you work to live, or live to work?”
Left side profile view represents "Work".  “Work” is depicted through a collage of phone message notes, meeting notes, including words and doodle drawings. Colors are primarily yellow and white, representing the routine, repetitive nature of work. 

Right side profile view represents “Life”.  “Life” is depicted via a vibrant stylized design. The design is multi-colored and applied with oil-based paint. The painting itself is a random and non-objective visualization of how I interpret life. 

Right Profile View