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Eric D Jonke

About Eric D Jonke:  I have been interested in visual abstract imagery since early childhood and all my artwork is, at its most fundamental level, about creating a “non-objective sense of wonder”. In my illustration, my primary concern has been to create a non-objective train of thought. My non-commissioned work is concerned with more personal themes.
Stylistically my art is best described as “non-objective abstraction”.  Most closely allied to the scope and feeling of what is referred to as contemporary “Visionary Art”, my body of art is intentionally imbued with a strong sense of the abstract subliminal and is suffused with symbolic content.
The majority of my work falls into one or another series of related paintings, which share common themes and symbols. In general terms, my The Order deals with the struggle of relationships while veering away from ideals. While the Neighborhood illustrates the reality of an urban landscape. Otherwise, my artworks address the inner beauty of the subject. 


Eric D Jonke
Doylestown, Ohio 44230